For a Strawless Ocean

Tourvest Restaurants and Taverns whereever possible promotes the use of PLA vs plastic.

We’re Not Anti-Straw, We’re Pro Plastic Alternatives*

Learn more about ocean-friendly alternatives to plastic below, and help the transition towards A Strawless Ocean.

Remember: some of our friends in the disability community require a straw to drink.

What am I made from?

PLA (polylacticacid), fancy name for starch from mielie cobs and other plant sources.
My colours come from fruit and vegetable extracts.

Why use me?

I am certified 100% biodegradable & compostable.
I feed plants because I am naturally organic.

My degradation period?

Optimal conditions would be a commercial composting facility with loads of bacteria to
gobble me up. There it would take 9-12 weeks. At home it may take a little bit longer.